Leadership Inside Out "Demo"

Leadership is a process, not a position, Welcome to leadership inside out, one of the most comprehensive yet up to date explained guides available today on the topic of leadership. This is a complete simulation experience, where you will face situations and will be asked to make decision accordingly, this is what is called learning by doing, as you will get score for every decision and also have real time feedback on the consequences of your decision. In this experience you will assess your leadership competencies and your situational leadership judgment against day to day situations like:

o Managing One Person at A Time.
o Managing by walking around.
o Creating shared goals.
o Providing timely feedback.
o Create individual goals for each person.
o Recognizing messy problems.
o Learning to delegate.
o Managing your boss and standing up for your team.

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  • Leadership Inside Out
  • Welcome
  • The 8 Competencies
  • Is 99 Good Enough?
  • Situational Leadership
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Part 1: Learning About The Team
  • Managing One Person at A Time
  • 1- Assignment: “Team members Brain Colors”
  • 2- Assignment: “The Dysfunctions of The Team”
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